Just came back from Trooper’s evening walk. Not a bad night, cool but I was comfortable in a light jacket and we have a 3/4 moon and lots of stars are visible.

Starting to see pumpkins, scarecrows and orange lights at various houses and I made a mental note to start bagging up some treats for the kids who will come to call. We don’t see as many children at the door as we used to…in the past I would make up 100 bags containing chips and gummy bears and little chocolate bars. But parents seem to be opting for house parties for their children, more and more. I suppose that’s the safe choice but it’s a very sad statement to our times.

I was raised in a very small town and trick or treating was very much anticipated. No one would have dreamed of finding razor blades or pins in the treats. We kids ran everywhere around town and would race first to get to the home of the Graydon sisters, because…the Graydon sisters made candy apples. But they only made maybe a dozen. If you weren’t there fast enough, you ended up with a handful of popcorn thrown into your treat bag. LOL Those were the days!

I’m fortunate enough to have a lot of fond memories of childhood and vacation trips I’ve taken to far away places. Some of my favorite memories are from driving trips throughout the United States and Canada and I’ve used some of these in my books. A situation over breakfast in an old railway car turned restaurant, of all things, in the country in Connecticut comes to mind. Breakfast was great and the conversation at the next table was very interesting. My story entitled, Lila’s Dance, benefited from that trip.

I love how memories just jump into the foregrounds of our minds. What would we do without them?

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