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Long, LONG, Ago

There is a hill here in town…heck, there are lots of hills around here. The Region isn’t called Halton Hills for nothing. Anyway, back to the hill…it’s a favorite place for kids in the winter. They swarm that hill with … Continue reading

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A Walk on the Writing Side

It’s interesting how our lives take spins and turns, based on choices. I actually started writing back in the late 1980’s. Spring Blossom was my first published work and was one of the two launch books for the Berkley Homespun … Continue reading

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Ready or Not…

eWorld, here I come. I hope. Venturing into the digital book world has been quite an experience. I’ve torn my hair out over formatting, dragged my heels because I’m old enough that big changes are to be resisted! Always! *g* … Continue reading

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