My Guest today is Author, Julie Ortolon

Welcome, Julie. I’m really happy that you are here! This is a fun and very interesting post.
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Why I Love eBooks
by guest blooger Julie Ortolon

I take pride in being indirectly responsible for dragging Jill into the ebook world through our mutual friend, Marsha Canham. Like a lot of authors, I’m sure Jill crossed the threshold with a good bit of apprehension and a strong desire to grab onto the doorjamb and scream “I don’t want the world to change!”

I don’t blame her. I felt the same way! But boy am I glad I jumped into the water, and dragged a few friends in with me. I’m excited about ebooks—not just as an author but as a reader, too. Why?

Variety, my fellow romance novel lovers. Walk into any bookstore and look at what’s on the romance aisle. Looks pretty different than what you would have found back in the ’80s and ’90s when I first fell in love with romance novels. Where are the cowboys, the ship captains, the knights in shinning armor? New York publishers decreed years ago that readers no longer wanted long historicals with a lot of history. So out those went.

In came the age of fun, sexy contemporary romance, which was good for me, since that’s what I write. I had nine novels published by big name houses, hit the USA Today list, and won some prestigious awards — until publishers decreed romance readers don’t want books like that either. At least not in large enough numbers to make publishing them worthwhile.

So there I sat a year and a half ago with my highly acclaimed, award-winning backlist going out of print and no new books on the horizon. Equally depressing, as a reader, I found very few newly released romance novels I wanted to read. A sad place to be.

Then came the ebook revolution, and everything changed. Now, as an author and a reader, I’m no longer restricted by what print publishers deem marketable. Or what big chain bookstores choose to stock on their shelves. Thanks to backlist ebooks, I now have a world of affordable romance novels available that appeal to me.

I’ve also just re-released the third book in my popular Pearl Island trilogy as an ebook. Much to the joy of readers who loved the original print book, I added a bonus chapter at the end of each book, so people can see what’s happening at the Pearl Island B&B today.

My Pearl Island trilogy encapsulates everything I personally love about the romance genre, it’s fun contemporary romance with bits of history and pirate lore thrown in thanks to the island’s ghost. The series did great when it was first published in the early 2000s. Would it sell to New York today? Probably not. Will it sell to readers? You betcha!

And that, my friends, is the joy of ebooks. Variety adds spice to this new world of fiction.


SPECIAL OFFER: To celebrate the release of Don’t Tempt Me, the final book in the Pearl Island trilogy, Julie is offering a 50% OFF coupon for book one in the trilogy, Falling for You. Click here and enter the coupon code TX24R. You can learn more about Julie and read excerpts of her books at
Julie’s ebooks are available wherever ebooks are sold, but the best place to be sure you get properly formatted copies is Smashwords.


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12 Responses to My Guest today is Author, Julie Ortolon

  1. Hi Jill and Julie! As a reader, yes, I love ebooks. I have more than one e-reading device and I’m always loading up new books. As an author, yes, I’m a little scared of change. But I think it’s very cool that you’re out there embracing change and helping the rest of us. Yay!

    • JILLMETCALF says:

      Hi Sherri. Julie hit it on the mark, I was dragged kicking and screaming into ebooks, but I thank Julie and Marsha for coaxing me. *g* It has been so worth it and it is exciting. I only have one eReader, so far, and I’ve only had that since Christmas. But I love it. Downloaded Falling for You last night and I’m looking forward to reading that. Actually, my 88 year old mother is wanting to read it first!

      • Jill, I’m going to introduce my 84 year old mother to the joy of ereading. No matter how many times I try to explain the device to her, she just can’t imagine it. So, Thursday, I’m going to take my Sony Reader to her so she can finally hold one. She’s going to LOVE it.

        And thanks for buying Falling for You. Hope you and your mom enjoy it.

      • JILLMETCALF says:

        That’s great. My mom wants to read Falling For You and it will be the first book she’s read on an eReader. I’ll let her read it as soon as I finish reading China Rose in the next day or so. LOL. I think I’m going to have to invest in a second device.

      • JILLMETCALF says:

        Oh! I missed the last line of your post…I’m sure we’ll love it!

    • Sherri, jump on in, the water’s fine. *G*

  2. Diana Duncan says:

    Julie, As a reader, I’ve loved your books for years! I’m so glad to see you publishing more. 🙂 As a fellow author, you’re an inspiration. I’m just now starting to dip my toes into the waters of epublishing, and I’ll be looking to you as a great example.

    • JILLMETCALF says:

      Julie is a great example, Diana. Enjoy your epublishing and welcome to this whole new world! It’s fascinating.

    • Diana, what a lovely compliment. This epublishing can be pretty scary at time, but the great thing is all the generous authors who are willing to share knowledge. I couldn’t have possibly gotten this far without help. Which is why I enjoy passing what I’ve learned on to others.

  3. As an author of those swashbuckling historical romances that publishers mistakenly gave up on years ago, I couldn’t be more pleased that my books have found new life and new readers as ebooks! Yes, Julie, it is the brave new world of fiction. 🙂

    Miriam Minger

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