Memory Flashes

Do you ever have flashes of fond memories that can be so far back in your past you tag them “Ancient”?

Met up with an ex-neighbor recently. Our families lived side-by-side. And it made me think fondly of our days on Tannery Street (yes, there had been a tannery just up the street but eventually it turned into a bowling alley). Anyway, the youngest neighbor boy and my younger brother were constant companions. Those two little boys got into the best of mischief. One winter day, with my brother wearing a brand new snowsuit, the boys went across the street and got messing around with an above-ground oil tank. They opened the valve, drained all the oil, and ruined their suits. Oil was less expensive then (what wasn’t) and that neighbor agreed there should have been a lock on the value. Meanwhile, two more snowsuits had to be purchased.

Another day, the boys (and they were little guys then) got behind my father’s lovely home-made bar and got into the Vodka, thinking it was water. One sip did it and they were staggering up the stairs.

The following summer the boys went uptown and were caught by the village police officer, throwing stones at cars. They were taken home in the one and only patrol car and were quite proud. 😮

Of course, I never pulled any of these pranks. Oh, there was the time I put my baby brother in my doll carriage and pushed him across town with him screaming all the way. Someone called my mother and ratted me out. 😮

By the way, our phone number in those days was one long ring and two short. LOL What does that tell you?

Share some of your fondest memories. Come on!

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2 Responses to Memory Flashes

  1. Remember wearing Easter bonnets to church on Easter Sunday? And little white ankle socks with shiny black or sometimes white , patent leather mary jane shoes? That was back in the day when we wore scratchy dotted swiss Sunday dresses with scratchy crinolines underneath and accessorized with white gloves and straw or patent leather purses? Decades after Shirley Temple, we still dressed like her. At least, that’s what we did in the Deep South… I venture to guess dressing for Sunday school at Easter in Canda probably involved tights or “leotards” and not bare legs and ankle socks …

    • JILLMETCALF says:

      Well, hello, Rebecca! Yes, leotards, for sure. New Easter bonnet, white gloves, and fancy dresses. I remember white shoes that had a little heel as being the best; I think I was age 10 or so when those shoes came along. Streetsville was a small village then and the main street looked like Easter Parade as everyone made their way to church.

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