Happy Mother’s Day

…to all the Moms out there.

My own mother turned 89 years young this past March 7th. On March 24th she missed the bottom step coming down a flight of stairs and fell, breaking her hip. The hip was replaced the following day and April 3rd the Coach, (a title she earned while telling the Toronto Blue Jays how to play baseball) took up residence in the living room where a hospital bed has been installed.

Coach has had her ups and downs since but overall she is doing amazingly well. Mind you, at 88 she was a going concern, a fact that has aided her recovery.

Do I admire her? You bet your booties I do. Oh, she gets out-of-sorts now and again, but I can’t blame her. I’ve been there. And patience is a virtue the Coach has never acquired…and she admits it. LOL And my younger brother and I have been fortunate to have her all these years…and I hope she’s around for many more!

While she’s getting around the house a bit now, Mother will not be out dancing this Mother’s Day but I hope she will have a nice day tomorrow.

And I wish the same for all Moms. Have a great day tomorrow and remember…you DO NOT cook on Mother’s Day!!

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2 Responses to Happy Mother’s Day

  1. Denise Hisey says:

    Your mom sounds fiesty! (and maybe passed some of that on to you?)
    Fun blog!

    • JILLMETCALF says:

      She is fiesty, Denise, and perhaps, yes, I think she passed a bit of that onto me. LOL I’m glad you enjoyed the blog…just my bit of nonsense. LOL Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Have a good day!

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