Did you ever?

Elvis The King. One song that stays with me after all these years…Did yooou ever, Did yoooever…Did you ever have one those days?

Yep …I had one of those days!!

I hate to shop. The Coach, my almost 90-year-old mother, loves to shop (more about her nick-name in an upcoming blog).

So…it is November 17th. The temps were in the high 40’s, full sun…a glorious day. And the Coach had a mission on her mind. She has been unable to find the perfect wreath for my father’s grave. This is a ritual we have carried on since 1972, the year of his passing. So, this is crucial. We have to find the perfect wreath. Would I drive her to the Mall?

Of course I would drive her to the mall.

Now, remember it is Saturday…mid-November…Christmas shoppers! The mall is a zoo!

But, on the way to the “Zoo” and on-coming car pulled to a stop to wait to make a right-hand turn while an advanced car turned left. The woman in the car behind the fellow wanting to make the right-hand turn couldn’t/wouldn’t even pause but swerved over in to my lane…coming right at me so she could keep on truckin’! Good on you lady! I’ve got my 90 year old mother and my dog in my car…good thing I could slam on my brakes! And none of the three of us went through the wind-shield. Praise be!

Now, I figure I drive an invisible car. I had to give up my beloved Malibu a year ago…I loved that car but she choked. So I bought a great little Chevy Cruze on November 15th, 2011. Just before Christmas, 2011, I had to go to the mall…the car was 5 weeks old…and a woman backed up her huge vehicle into my Cruze. Grand. $700.00 worth of damage. Very Grand. I was not going to go through insurance for this…I have never had an accident before and I was’t about to claim one now. But the lady was gracious, admitted her error and paid for the repairs. One for me.

Today, actually found a disabled person’s parking spot at the Mall. Yeah! Coach went into one store and came out empty-handed. This is not good. Toured around to find a second parking spot within a reasonable walking distance for her, to a second store…still nothing.


Managed to get out of the Mall without being hit and headed for a second Mall. Had to let the Coach out near the door and said I would drive around and be back for her. Was almost hit twice by idiot, needy drivers in this Mall. At one point, I was stopped at a stop sign…fellow in a huge truck had the right-of-way to go through but decided to turn right. And glared at me because he could not turn that honker truck because I was there. So I reared my little car out of his way and he had the never to glare are me! Sheesh! I told you…I drive an invisable car! By now my blood-pressure is soaring. Eventually found a spot just as the Coach came out of that store with, thankfully, I nice wreath in hand. Whew. Mission Accomplished!

The car is really low on gas…I need to feed the car and I want to get it washed since it is a wonderful, glorious weather day. The rest of the day has been the pits, but…hey!

Take the Coach home and cannot have Trooper in the car going through the car wash cuz the roar of the wind-dryer will kill his poor ears. Okay…everyone safe at home. Off I go. Fill the car with gas and line up for a wash.

But that was okay. It was quiet waiting for the car wash and no other cars were driving straight at my “invisible car”. This works. Car is clean.

Driving home I see our local TV channel truck setting up TV cameras and I remember…It’s our local Santa Clause parade day! Shoot.  By now, I’m talking to my car…”car, get me home and we are staying home!”  LOL

Did I want to cook after all this? Not likely. So I called for a pizza. After I made the call, I remember, poor pizza delivery person is going to have to get here via the Santa Claus parade route! Yikes. The young man apologized for the delay. OMG. Pizza delivery man received an extra tip tonight!

My car is not moving out of the garage tomorrow. I will be staying home and watching the Argos play football.





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1 Response to Did you ever?

  1. JILLMETCALF says:

    Toronto Argos won! And it was an exciting game. Onto the Grey Cup next weekend. Whoot! Only went out to pick up a take-out coffee…no cars driving at me or stealing parking spots. LOL It was a good day! Best to all!

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